Privacy Policy:

The website considers a strict privacy policy. Whenever a client visits and leaves any comments, leave feedback, reviews, or leaves personal information we ensure it is kept safe on our website. It is done with the approval of our clients with intact terms and conditions for better accessibility in the future. We do not use the personal information of the users for trading with any third party. There is no breaching of data or any information of the clients. All the shared reviews and feedbacks are the personal experiences of the users. The results may vary from person to person by the body types and the lifestyles followed. So there are no constant reactions or results of the product post use.

Terms and conditions –

Before considering any of the products or services we provide on our website, you need to be aware of all the terms and conditions that come along with it.

• All the products that are rendered on this website have their sellers and manufacturers. We only advertise the products on our website with all the details.

• We are not responsible or liable for any of the actions or reactions of the product advertised on the website. We advertise them for the clients, but all the liabilities and responsibilities are held by the manufacturers and sellers of the respective products.

• We never ask to replace the advice of experts, only suggest the clients choose the required health product for their body.

• There are links and ads on our website that third-party proprietors. Do not click on this link as we are not responsible for any further acts.

• All the logos, images, trademarks, imprints, and all the details shared have third-party holders, so we advise all the readers and clients not to use them. If you have any intention to use it, then take permission from the owners before using it.

• We never sell or trade any of the personal details of the readers or clients.

• We suggest the customers go through all the terms and conditions of the website before making any purchase.